“Because I win 120 million, someone charged me 120k for makeup” Ilebeya Odinaya exclaims

"Because I win 120 million, someone charged me 120k for makeup" Ilebeya Odinaya exclaims

Nigerian reality TV star and Big Brother Naija All-Stars winner Ilebeya Odinaya has recently voiced her concerns over the soaring prices of makeup services after she was charged 120k for makeup.

Odinaya, who clinched the coveted 120 million Naira prize, took to Twitter to express her dismay at being charged 120,000 Naira for a makeup session, linking the inflated price to her new-found wealth. “Because I win 120 million, person charge me 120k for make-up,” she tweeted, speaking on the consequences of her win and new fame.

This outcry comes months after Odinaya’s bold denial of winning the reality show out of pity. In October 2023, she firmly refuted claims suggesting her victory was due to sympathy votes.

Odinaya revealed that her success was due it being her time and the genuine love of the audience, not to any pity narrative. This statement was in response to ongoing discussions that she might have garnered pity votes during her time on the show.

Odinaya has been no stranger to controversg since leaving the house. Recall that just few months ago, she made headlines for her appearance at Davido’s Martel event, where her choice of attire, a revealing outfit that left little to the imagination, sparked discussion.

Some netizens suggested she was attempting to seduce the married music star Davido, while others viewed her attire as a reflection of her Gen Z identity. Despite the mixed reactions, Odinaya seemed unfazed, later sharing a photo of herself in the outfit with the caption, “the baddie herself,” indicating her indifference to public opinion.

More recently, Odinaya threw a subtle jab at her fellow Big Brother Nigeria housemates in a tweet, hinting at her achievement. She pointed out that there can only be one Big Brother Naija All-Stars winner, amid speculations of her being an undeserved winner. Her tweet seemed to state her rightful place as the victor, regardless of public speculation or opinion.


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