“As soon as you project Jesus, all hell breaks loose” – Singer Spyro

“As soon as you project Jesus, all hell breaks loose” Singer Spyro

Singer Spyro has reacted following the backlash that popular pastors have been receiving recently from fellow Christians.

Taking to his Instagram, he expressed that when other people indulge in illicit things and rub it on the faces of the masses, nobody talks. But when it has to do with somebody who projects Jesus, all hell breaks loose.

He also expressed that it was characteristics of people to drag Christians and people who announce Jesus, and that it was beginning to seem like a propaganda. He also further stated that people naturally hate you when you reveal that you are for Jesus.

He however defiantly stated that he still firmly stands for Jesus and will continue to preach Jesus regardless of what people say. He cautioned Christians to wake up instead of being sluggish and divided

“People will indulge in all sorts of illicit things and rub it on our faces yet no one talks it’s on our screens, time lines… no one talks but as soon as you project JESUS all hell comes loose, they begin to drag your life infact everyone turns against you and begin to push diff propaganda all because you announce JESUS. It’s as bad as people disassociating with you and you will even find out that the most people doing so are SO called Christians … They Just hate that you are different but Let this be clear for me it’s JESUS JESUS JESUS and that’s on period g and I firmly stand with EVERYONE out there PUSHING JESUS”

“The Bible didn’t lie when it said the devil is the

PRINCE OF THIS WORLD… a lot of ya’ll claim to be Christians yet fight and expose your own rather than protect . HOW CAN A HOUSE BE SO DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF wake up and go the the ants YE SLUGGARD.”

“ONCE YOU DECLARE CHRIST war begins, every turns on you , they begin to sideline you and act like you don’t exist but for me o ,I DO NOT FEAR NO ONE, YOU DID NOT BRING ME HERE AND YOU CANNOT TAKE ME DOWN & #ISTANDWITHCHRIST”


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