‘Almost All My Friends and I are Billionaires in Naira’ – Davido’s Alleged Side Chick Anita Mocks Nigerians

'Almost All My Friends and I are Billionaires in Naira' - Davido's Alleged Side Chick Anita Mocks Nigerians

American model and Davido’s alleged side chick Anita Brown was awoken from her usual Instagram rant slumber by Nigerians when they made negative comments about her body, as earlier reported by Kemi Filani news. The model had posted a video, and some Nigerians were all up in her comments trolling her, and she responded equally.

However, it seems that responding to their comments were not enough, as she took to her Instagram story to further insult them. She wrote, “It’s hard to stand out in the United States because a lot of people are popular & social media made it easy to get lit. To set it straight, i been popular over a decade, since grade school to be honest! Been dating and dealing, & friends with celebs and currently am. It’s no suprise & it’s NO PRIZE. Almost all my friends and me are billionaires in naira. Simmer down. The false narrative is tiring.”

Davido’s alleged side chick Anita Brown mocks Nigerians as she reveals that she is a billionaire in Naira.

Anita Brown must have made a lot of money as a model, for her to claim that she and her friends are billionaires in Naira. In her rant, she also wrote that she has been popular since grade school, and that she has been dealing with and dating celebrities. It is not certain whether Davido is part of the celebrities she’s referring to because he never ascertained whether they dated or not, as the past allegations were brought up by only Anita.

The year 2023 was an interesting ride for Anita Brown as she sparked social media attention by claiming she was pregnant for Davido. She went on about it for a few months, but she ended up rendering an apology after dragging Davidi and even his wife Chioma. Even the alleged pregnancy, including the bump disappeared after she tendered the apology.

An apology from Anita Brown must have meant nothing to Davido’s fans, as they seemed to not have let bygones be bygones. Some of them are still camped out on her page, and they are clearly not her fans. The most recent trolling session she received from them prompted her to reveal her net worth in Naira.


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