’10 Years Ago, It Wasn’t Cool to Be Nigerian’ – Davido Reflects on Shifting Perceptions

Davido Sparks Reactions by Renouncing Afrobeat for Afrofusion, Joining Burna Boy and Wizkid

In a recent sit-down interview, Davido reviewed his growth as an African artist, and how it has influenced Nigeria globally.

The singer stated that ten years ago, it wasn’t cool to identify as a Nigerian to foreigners. He also said that a lot of Africa lied about their heritage, and claimed that they were from Jamaica.

He went on to relay how times have changed, and people have now started appreciating the African culture more. In relating to the fact that Africans are now proud of their culture, Davido said that they are now proudly telling others that they’re attending his concert.

On the matter of his concert, Davido said that in the past, ‘The Garden’ event center wasn’t being rented to people, but now, he’s hosting his shows there.

Davido has had one of the biggest crowd pulls in foreign places among all the Nigerian artists and Africa in total.

The crux of his interview was that he has helped Africans appreciate their culture more with his music, and this has helped to put Africa on the map.



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