‘You Still Spoil My Name Because of 150k’ – Very Dark Man Calls Out DaddyFreeze

'You Still Spoil My Name Because of 150k' - Very Dark Man Calls Out DaddyFreeze

On the streets of social media, war has started brewing, and this time around, it is between two of Nigeria’s favorite social commentators.

The first party in this brewing war is Very Dark Man, who took to Instagram to sue out his grievances about Daddy Freeze.

Very Dark Man started by refreshing the memories of his viewers with the crux of the matter. He said that he had called out a certain Mr Okwuluora who had created a group where some Nigerians in the U.K were scammed by a lady named Florence. After everything went south, and Florence failed to return their money, Mr Okwuluora deleted the group chat.

It was after this group chat was deleted the group chat that some women from the group sought help from Daddy Freeze to help them call out Mr Okwuluora so they could get their money from Florence.

Daddy Freeze charged them the sum of one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand Naira in order to speak about the issue on social media. When he spoke about it, the women realized that what he said didn’t align with what they agreed upon, and that he wasn’t giving their issue proper attention.

In response to their complaint about not getting proper attention on their issue, Daddy Freeze said he’s not giving them a separate show, and that if they wanted that, it would cost them one-million-and-five-hundred-thousand Naira. The lady replied by begging Daddy Freeze to help them on the basis that they were going through a lot of pains. Daddy Freeze replied by sending her his work rate card as a reminder of what it would cost to get him to help them.

He urged the lady to come on live with him, if she would pay him the remaining balance for the cost he stated.

Very Dark Man also said that the woman asked Daddy Freeze for his number, so that they could get more exposure on their case, but Daddy Freeze declined, stating that Very Dark Man talks too much, thereby insinuating this he wouldn’t be able to help their case.


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