“You shouldn’t worry about biological clock” – Datwarrigirl advices Nigerian women

“You shouldn’t worry about biological clock” – Datwarrigirl advices Nigerian women

In a recent development, comedian, Datwarrigirl, whose real name is Tomama, has taken to social media to reveal her opinion about women who are always worried about their biological clothes.

She talks about a certain trend in women who are always panicking about the fact that they are unmarried. She gave an example of some 28-year-olds who, in her opinion, were still young and were already unhappy about settling down, as well as their biological clothes.

The comedienne revealed that the woman who knows her words would not be concerned about getting married or about biological clothes. She further revealed that being frustrated or panicking about things like that will not make a man hasten and command marry her.

Now recall that, back in 2023c Datwarrigirl has revealed some interesting findings about the kind of people she attracts. The comedienne took to her instagram to share a quick gun story with her followers.

According to her, an older woman with 3 children had approached her and asked her out. Datwarrigirl, couldn’t contain her amusement as she recounted a rather unexpected scenario.

While diligently working out at her local gym, she was approached by this older woman who explained to her that she was just coming out of the closet.


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