“Why Am I Getting Tagged in Dance Videos?” – Frank Edwards Questions Nigerian Girls

"Why Am I Getting Tagged in Dance Videos?" - Frank Edwards Questions Nigerian Girls

Gospel singer Frank Edwards has humorously queried Nigerian ladies concerning a particular action they’ve been doing.

Taking to his Twitter, he questioned while he was getting tagged to dance videos. He also went on to express that he was not running any dance challenge, hinting at the fact that there was no need for girls to tag him to their dance videos.

”Why is everyone tagging me to a dance video, I’m not doing any challenge”

His statement comes on the backdrop of Moses Bliss recently sharing his love story and detailing he had met his wife. He had revealed that he had met his wife through a dance video which she posted on Instagram. She had danced to the video while tagging him. He expressed that naturally he’s not one to would check out tagged videos but form some reason he was moved to check out that particular tagged video. He also explained that he had really loved the dance moves in the video.

He narrated that he had struck a conversation with her and then things had progressed from there. He also narrated how they had remained friends for a long time before things finally progressed into a romantic connection.

Also recall that recently, during the weekend, Anikulapo actor, Kunle Remi got married to his partner Tiwi in an elaborate and elegant wedding style.

The past days has been filled with lots of commentaries from netizens concerning the engagement video of Moses Bliss and his wife as well as Kunle Remi’s wedding. One of the most famous controversial statements was made by a lady on Instagram where she expressed that a lot of men were no longer going for Instagram baddies but rather going for women who had real values to give.


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