Timini Responds to Cupid’s Arrow with a ‘Be My Valentine’ Message

Timini Responds to Cupid's Arrow with a 'Be My Valentine' Message

Actor and media personality Timini Egbuson has recently sent hearts racing as he responded to a girl who threw a clear shot at him.

A girl on X platform known as Soft Mo revealed her intentions for Valentine’s Day. She boldly expressed that she could not decide what she wanted more; Valentine gifts or Timini as she boldly tagged Timini.

Timini reacting to this revealed that while he was not sure about the girl having him, he can definitely get her gifts. He went on to tell her to send a DM while he further asked her to be his Valentine.

In his words, he says,

“I’m not sure about having me but you can definitely get gifts. Be my Valentine. Send me a DM.”

Also recall that back in September of 2023, Timini had cried out in shock after he expressed that thieves had broken into his house and stolen his stuff.

He had revealed that on his travel to Cape Town in South Africa, he had watched a CCTV footage where some group of men dressed in black had invaded his home, carting away with his belongings including his drink. He also revealed that one of the men had even held a knife.

Also recall that in a flirty banter with his fans in December, Timini had revealed that he tastes even better than he smells. It all started when a fan had expressed her curiosity about Timini’s smell. Timini, who is not one to shy away from a response, replied that he tastes even better than he smells, further fueling the fan’s imagination.


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