“The only problem Nigerians have is competition” – Paul Okoye

“The only problem Nigerians have is competition” – Paul Okoye reveals

Award-winning vocalist and one half of the renowned music duo Psquare, Paul Okoye, has shed light on the primary issue faced by Nigerians.

Through his Instagram story, he highlighted that Nigerians’ concerns extend beyond hunger, fuel shortages, a challenging economy, or the cost of living. Instead, he emphasized that the core issue lies in the pervasive sense of competition, particularly in determining who holds the most wealth.

In another post, he emphasized the fallacy of framing everything as a competition, highlighting how even the affluent engage in discussions and debates about poverty.

“Nigeria’s challenges aren’t rooted in hunger, fuel shortages, or economic hardships. Rather, it’s this constant competition for superiority. But not everything should be a contest! Imagine the wealthy debating who among the poor is the most destitute. Some drink Garri without sugar, others take akamu without milk. Let’s shift our focus from comparison to compassion.”

Paul Okoye says competition is Nigerians problem


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