Singer Chike discloses his preference for dating older women

Singer Chike discloses his preference for dating older women

In a recent candid conversation on the UnpackWithnae podcast, Chike, the acclaimed singer known for hits like “Roju,” delved into his perspectives on relationships, offering surprising insights into his dating preferences and his approach to romantic connections.

Breaking away from societal norms, Chike openly acknowledged his preference for dating older women. He emphasized the sense of equality and shared emotional connection he experiences when engaging with more mature individuals. According to the artist, these relationships provide a deeper and more fulfilling experience compared to connections with younger partners.

Exploring his views on financial dynamics in relationships, Chike expressed reservations about the traditional practice of showering women with monetary gifts. He questioned the idea of providing financial support in relationships, stating his disapproval of paying for companionship. Chike underscored the importance of cultivating a natural and equitable connection, free from financial transactions.

Discussing his current single status, the singer provided profound insights into his cautious approach to romantic involvement. He recognized the transformative impact of choosing the right life partner and voiced concerns about the potential consequences of a mismatch. Chike emphasized his meticulous and discerning approach to matters of the heart, acknowledging that a wrong choice in a partner could jeopardize the achievements he has diligently worked for in life.

Throughout the candid interview, Chike’s transparency shone through, navigating the complexities of modern relationships and offering a glimpse into his unconventional dating preferences and the thoughtful stance he takes in matters of the heart.


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