Singer Bnxn reveals his willingness to do anything to climb the musical ladder

Singer Bnxn reveals his willingness to do anything to climb the musical ladder

Afrobeat artist Buju recently put out a bold statement on social media where he expressed his stance on his musical journey.

He boldly stated that he was willing to do anything as long as he was able to climb the musical staircase. In the video which he shared on social media, he shared a snippet of the song that he was working on while vibing to it and he went on to disclose that the song that he was about to release will be the biggest song of his entire career.

Buju also stated that he was willing to do whatever it takes for him to make sure that the song becomes really huge. He even went to great extents to disclose that he was willing to pay any price that people pay just to make sure that he reaches his goal. He ends his statement by expressing that he would only be able to achieve it through God.

Recall that back in December 2003, Buju had pleaded with club owners who sold fake drinks to fun goers to retract from doing such. In a Twitter post, Buju expressed how frustrated he felt by this system as he pleaded with the club owners to have some respect for the customers health as well as their money. He also threatened club owners stating that he would start calling out the major clubs who are undergoing this health malpractice.

Also Recall that back in August of 2023, Buju had sent a quick PSA to men. He advised men to start engaging in romantic encounters with someone else’s girlfriend at least once a year.

Also Back in the same August, Buju had sided with Burnaboy after Burna revealed in an interview Afro-Beat artists do not have substance. Agreeing with Burna Boy, Buju completely concurred,


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