Singer Asake’s ex-girlfriend Mystique reveals why they broke up

Asake’s ex-girlfriend Mystique reveals why they broke up

Nigerians have always been known for their inquisitive nature, and they went to Asake’s ex-girlfriend Mystique’s page.

Mystique had made a post of herself on Instagram, and a ‘concerned’ Nigerian went on there to ask why she broke Nigeria’s National sweetheart Asake’s heart. She replied by saying that it was because Asake wanted to let the devil use him.

Asake's ex-girlfriend reveals why they broke up.

The response Mystique gave may strike as odd if read literally, but the statement is quite popular among African’s when they are referring to someone that misbehaved.

Asake and his ex-girlfriend Mystique were together for a while, and the couple seemed really happy. They attended shows together, often dressing up in matching outfits, and at some point, Asake even wore a skirt while they were out together, and this created a huge buzz

As of January 2024, the two love birds were still thick as thieves, with Asake celebrating her on her birthday.

Things took an upturn when in March, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Asake stopped posting Mystique on his socials, and had opted for motivational quotes that were centered around growth.

The observation that Asake had broken up with Mystique remained a rumor until this confirmation from the horses mouth.

Although she revealed that he wanted to let the devil use him, the full reason behind their breakup remains a mystery. Asake has said nothing about it, and it is almost unlikely that he would do so. This is because, although the singer went public with Mystique in 2023, he’s not known giving out details of his personal life.


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