Simi reveals the moment she knew her eyesight were bad

Simi reveals the moment she knew her eyesight were bad

Singer Simi has recently taken to the X platform to disclose the moment she realized her eyesight was bad.

Replying to a question asked by a netizen known as Shalom, she revealed that she had discovered that her eyesight were really bad when she had to apply for her driver’s license.

She expressed that while applying for it, they had asked her to cover one of her eyes and read a specific thin, while reading it, they realized that her eyesight was bad.

She went on to state that she had been so disappointed in herself because she did not understand why she could not see.

Her response was an answer to a question asked by this Shalom,

“People that wear glasses, when did you realize that you had to get your eyes checked?”

Also recall that back in January of 2024, during an interview with Tea with Tay podcast, she had divulged why she believes couples should live together before getting married.

Using herself as an example, Simi revealed that she had lived with  Adekunle Gold for a while before they eventually tied the knot. She also expressed that she is of the opinion that people should live together for a little bit before they get married so that they can know your their spouse’s behavioral patterns.

Also recall that back in 13th of January 2024, Simi and her husband, Adekunle Gold had celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary for with the sweetest love messages. Sharing adorable pictures of each other, they had also used the opportunity to release a song which they worked on together.


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