Rejecting Portable: Ashabi Asserts Independence in TikTok Live Broadcas

Rejecting Portable: Ashabi Asserts Independence in TikTok Live Broadcas

In a recent development, Portable’s controversial baby mama, Ashabi Simple, has reacted in a recent TikTok video after the TikTok user asked her about her relationship with Portable.

The TikTok user had asked her if she would ever consider going back to Portable. She responded by immediately saying, God forbid.

She further stated that she did not like Portable anymore. And that, if she wanted to go back, she would have gone back, but she does not want.
In her words, she says,

“God forbid, I don’t like Portable. If I want to go back, I would have gone back, but I don’t want.”

Now, recall that back in March of 2024, Portable had slammed his baby mama as he accused her of trying to destroy and wreck his marriage. He further expressed that she needs love in her life and that her cup has overflown.

He also told her not to use her desperation for love to try and ruin his marriage. Portable further called her an ungrateful woman and noted how he had been the person to make her strong, and now she was not in a position where she was talking down on him.

He revealed that it would be women like her who would leave their man when they become broke. Now, also recall that in the same March of 2024, about a week earlier after his rant at her, he had come out to appreciate her, which surprised a lot of his fans and followers.

The singer, who has been humiliating her on social media for days now, surprised her as he publicly acknowledged her with sweet words. Recall that in celebration of his 30th birthday, his baby mama, Ashabi, had penned a very sweet birthday message to him.

She had gone on to bless him with powerful prayers. Portable appreciated her for the message as he called her my woman.


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