Reasons Why you should never let a woman see your nakedness – Soso Soberekon

Why you should never let a woman see your nakedness – Soso Soberekon

Music Executive Producer Soso Soberekon has recently taken to social media to slam men who are immodest.

He recently came on Instagram to be precise, to reveal the traits of a shameless man. He disclosed that one very major trait of a shameless man is a man who allows a lady who is not yet his wife to see his nakedness.

He scolded men on the indecency of allowing a man or a woman who is not yet your wife to gain access to your nakedness, calling them shameless. However, netizens took to the comment section to slam him.

One chief had this to say. “ His belly is to his advantage. Even if he’s naked, you still can’t see anything. “ Another netizen, known as Mary Mba, slammed him for his statement, stating, “But you had a son out of wedlock.”

One royal didem also had this to say, “Nigerian celebrities hardly use their voices for anything good. People are being kidnapped and killed, and this is what most of you are bothered about.” Another commenter known as MeetPaulDean had this to say, “I knew it. That’s why I’ve been covering my nakedness from these girls who won’t let me rest.”

Another netizen known as KobokoMasterComedian took a humorous standpoint “All he’s trying to say is that you should off the light before anything happens. Darkness is key. “

Also recall that barely a week ago, we had reported that Soso Soberekon had been involved in a car accident. However, fortunately for him, he escaped unscathed. The unfortunate incident also follows a previous incident that dates back to 2021. Soso had also luckily escaped unscathed although his car had been in very bad shape.


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