Reality TV Star, T-boss dishes out advice on how to identify a fine person

Reality TV Star, T-boss dishes out advice on how to identify a fine person

Reality TV star and media personality Tokunbo Idowu popularly known as T-Boss has shared some insights on how people can identify an unattractive person and also identify if somebody is really fine.

She took to her Instagram story, to highlight some important things to note. She told her fans to always watch out for clips or photos of the person captured by somebody else because they will touch and over-touch it to their own satisfaction.

She also revealed that she feels sorry for filters because a lot of times when she sees some of her faves in person, she struggles with recognizing them.

Now recall that back in August of 2023, T-boss had shared her emotional journey as she narrates how she gave birth to her child, who clocked 4 in 2023.

Sharing cute photos and beautiful pictures of her daughter and herself, she revealed that she was proud of herself because it’s been an incredible journey. She also stated that it was a blessing to watch an upgraded version of herself being born and also growing and blossoming into somebody she could never be.

She also expressed her gratitude to God for never abandoning her as she waddled through the thing called motherhood.

In 2022, two years ago, T-boss had shared her strong advice about money. She advised people to always spend their hard-earned money before they pass away.

She noted how if a hard worker does not spend their money, family, friends and bills would spend the same money for them.


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