OAP Nedu reveals what it takes to be a good husband

OAP Nedu reveals what it takes to be a good husband

Nedu Wazobia, comtroversial OAP, recently has dropped some knowledge on men, highlighting that taking care of women extends beyond just financial means.

He spoke on the misconception that men often focus solely on money and clarified that being good in bed is equally crucial. According to him, ensuring a woman’s pleasure, with multiple orgasms, helps appreciation and admiration.

In a recent revelation, Nedu debunked the notion that wealth alone satisfies women. It’s not just about money. During intimate moments, he revealed that men should prioritize their partner’s pleasure, aiming for two or three orgasms before your own departure. This, he believes, earns admiration that lasts beyond the night.

Nedu also shed light on the paradox of wealthy men whose wives seek satisfaction elsewhere. He pointed out that despite financial affluence, some women turn to others, even their gate man, for sexual fulfillment.

“Some rich men have their wives serviced by others”.

Recalling Nedu’s earlier controversy in January 2023, when he claimed to have walked in on influencers engaged in intimate activities with a rich friend, skepticism arose. Critics questioned the legitimacy of his story, challenging how he gained access. Nedu clarified that he didn’t open the door but accidentally stumbled upon the scene.

Nedu addressed previous doubts about his influencer encounter. Contrary to skepticism, he insisted it was real, clarifying that he walked in but didn’t open the door. This revelation came during an Instagram live session, with Nedu asserting the authenticity of the incident,” Nedu explained.

Adding to the drama, former Big Brother Naija stars Pere Egbi, and Tochi subtly shaded Nedu, highlighting the importance of securing privacy.

They questioned the truthfulness of walking into a room without a key humrously and advised people to close their doors to prevent unexpected intrusions.


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