Nigerian Trangender Jayboogie begs Nigerians for help

Nigerian Trangender Jayboogie begs Nigerians for help

In a sad turn of events, popular Nigerian transgender figure, Jayboogie, has recently taken to social media to share a heart-wrenching video detailing the aftermath of a failed surgery that has not only taken a toll on his health but also depleted his life savings.

Speaking candidly in a live video session, Jayboogie opened up about the complications arising from a gender reconstruction surgery that went awry, expressing his anguish over the dire consequences.

Just days prior, Jayboogie had publicly called out a doctor for a botched surgery, revealing that attempts to contact the medical professional had proven futile. Distressed and facing health challenges, he openly sought assistance, revealing concerns about his kidneys. In this latest update, Jade disclosed that the financial burden has escalated to the point where his life savings are now solely dedicated to purchasing diapers – a necessity resulting from the surgery’s complications.

The emotional plea came as Jayboogie lamented the absence of ongoing financial support for his surgery. Fighting back tears, he begged Nigerians to support him, revealing that the surgeon responsible for his predicament had not only jeopardized his well-being but also thrown his life into ruin.

Recall that Jayboogie had opted for gender reconstruction surgery, a decision that has led to unforeseen challenges and financial strain. In addition to covering his basic needs, he highlighted the necessity of funds to address foreign medical requirements and other outstanding bills. The gravity of the situation was further underscored by a close friend during an interview with Dr. Lovett.

Jayboogie’s friend, also featured in the interview, made a passionate appeal to Nigerians, urging them to look beyond the cosmetic aspects of the situation. Instead, she implored empathy, asking individuals to consider the possibility of this circumstance happening to their own family members. She stressed that this was not merely about cosmetic surgery but a genuine cry for urgent help in the face of a serious health crisis.


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