“Nigerian get beef with Naira Marley and Sam Larry” – Verydarkman

“Nigerian get beef with Naira Marley and Sam Larry” Verydarkman reveals

In a recent development in the Mohbad case, media personality and self-proclaimed activist VeryDarkMan has reignited the call for a DNA test, a demand he has been vocal about for months.

In his latest tweet, he expressed his frustration with the Nigerian public’s shifting focus from the case, accusing them of being more concerned with protests against Sam Larry and Naira Marley, rather than seeking true justice for Mobad.

“I Dey Lagos 00000, incase una want do the DNA, plus shey Justice for mohbad don end or was it a kee naira Marley protest w all of a sudden nobody want find the real truth after them release naira and Sam Larry,the question is was it really a Justice or una get beef with naira and Sam”

VeryDarkMan, currently in Lagos, spoke the importance of conducting the DNA test now, questioning the collective commitment to uncovering the truth. He noted a significant decline in public interest in the case, especially after the police released Naira Marley and Sam Larry , who were initially suspected in Mohbad’s death.

This shift, according to VeryDarkMan, indicates a possible lack of genuine interest in justice, suggesting that the outrage might have been more about personal grievances against Naira Marley and Sam Larry.

Previously, VeryDarkMan had pointed fingers at Mobad’s wife, Omawunmi, as a prime suspect, highlighting her reluctance to undergo a DNA test to confirm the paternity of her son with the late Mobad. This suspicion gained further traction when Mobad’s father also called for the test, arguing that it would help clear any doubts regarding Omawunmi involvement in Mobad’s demise.

Omawunmi, in a conversation with Eya Bojo, expressed her willingness to take the DNA test. However, she insisted that the cost should not be borne by her, citing financial difficulties since Mobad’s death. She challenged those demanding the test to cover the expenses, asserting her readiness to cooperate once the financial aspect is resolved.


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