Nickie Dabarbie Exposes Skiibii’s Alleged Attempt to Involve Her in Money Rituals

Nickie Dabarbie Exposes Skiibii's Alleged Attempt to Involve Her in Money Rituals

Nigerians have been left in confusion as popular social media influencer Precious Kingsley, popularly known as Nicki dabarbie uploaded a concerning video on her Instagram page.

In the video she posted, Nickie dabarbie was clearly distraught, and she kept on saying that the men in the video wanted to use her for money rituals. The name she kept chanting throughout the video was Skiibii, and she said the whole ‘Mayana’ family was doing money rituals, and that is how they got money to buy cars.

If there was any doubt as to whether it was the singer Skiibii she was referring to, the name ‘Mayana’ is a clear indication that she was referring to him because it is a slogan that he uses a lot.

Although the video wasn’t very clear, if you look closely, you can see that the room she was making the video from was in complete disarray.

There were shards of broken glass all over the floor, and at some point in the video, you could hear one of the men asking her why she’s stepping on broken glass.

One of the men in the video kept on asking ‘which kain highness be this’, thereby insinuating that she was intoxicated. He also asked her to leave and go home, insinuating that she was not in her house in the first place.

Throughout the video, Nickie dabarbie kept on chanting names of girls that were allegedly used for rituals by a man named Skibbi. She said that her ‘head was too strong’, and that is why they were not able to use her for rituals.

One of the men approached Nicki dabarbie with a bottle of water in hand, and she immediately screamed hysterically that he shouldn’t pour the water on her.

The video ended with Nicki dabarbie praying furiously and screaming out her lungs.


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