Must Read!!! I have just three cars — Ola of Lagos boasts

“I have just three cars” — Ola of Lagos boasts

Ola, a well-known promoter for luxury brands in Lagos, quietly boasts that she only has three automobiles.

In a street interview, he made this statement to @king__mitchy, a Tiktok interviewer.

The vehicle salesman, who gets most of his income from sales, bemoaned how much money he spends each month on food, particularly because he shares a home with several acquaintances.

He claims he doesn’t figure out how much feeding will actually cost in order to stay out of the hospital.

He acknowledges that life in Lagos is more costly than it formerly was and that things have changed.

Ola from Lagos says that even if he isn’t a trillionaire yet, his time will come because he has faith in himself.

He counsels all young people who are just starting out to never give up and to always be modest.

Watch the video here.


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