Moses Bliss and his wife spotted as he brings wedding invitation to church

Moses Bliss and his wife spotted as he brings wedding invitation to church

Gospel singer Moses Bliss and his wife were recently spotted out together for the first time since news of their engagement broke out.

In a viral picture captured by one of the congregants of the church, it showed Moses Bliss and his wife standing in front of the altar while giving their wedding invitation to a pastor.

They were also seen holding hands as they bowed their heads in prayers. Now recall that three days ago, Moses Bliss had announced to the whole world that he was officially an engaged man. He had shared some beautiful words to his fiancée Marie Wiseborn while he also shared the love story of how they met.

He disclosed that he had met his soon-to-be wife on Instagram after she danced to one of his popular songs and had tagged him to it. He narrated that after she tagged him to it, he had immediately slid into her DM and struck a conversation with her.

They had remained just friends for the longest time before things progressed romantically. Now recall that Marie Weisborn had also shared the testimony of how she met Moses.

She expressed that prior to meeting him, her mother had always inquired about when she was going to settle down and she kept on telling her mother that she was waiting for her own man of God. She also revealed that Moses Bliss is God’s gift to her.


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