Mohbad Gifted Chike the Biggest Song of His Career – Twitter Personality Jay Naija

Mohbad Gifted Chike the Biggest Song of His Career - Twitter Personality Jay Naija

A Twitter personality known as Jay Naija took to Twitter yesterday to share some insights on Chike’s musical journey.

According to the Twitter personality, he expressed that Mohbad, before his death, gave Chike one of the biggest musical hits of his career. The statement was made following the success of Chike’s song with Mohbad, known as Egwu.

This beautiful song was released just a few weeks ago by Chike, three months after the painful passing of Mohbad. This song has since climbed Apple’s charts and even made it to number one while being played in all streams in Nigeria consistently.

However, core fans of Chike and other netizens slammed him for his statement, revealing that Chike has had other great songs besides Egwu.

Controversial Twitter personality Daniel Regha had slammed him for that, stating that Running To You as well as Beautiful People were songs that pushed Chike to the limelight and gave him his biggest career hits, as opposed to this song by Chike.He also warned netizens not to disrespect Chike.

Chike, who is naturally extremely private with his life, revealed that he would naturally go for older women as opposed to younger women. He also stated that he does not believe in a transactional relationship where he has to give a woman funds or money just so the woman could be with him. He explains that he is more drawn to authentic and natural situations.


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