Mandy Kiss reveals her wild attraction to girls

Mandy Kiss reveals her wild attraction to girls

Controversial influencer Mandy Kiss has recently sparked a lot of reactions after a video of her emerged where she states very bluntly that she likes girls.

In the video, she is seen professing her love for women with the expression of pure bliss in her face.

Netizens have also taken to reacting to this in different ways. While some netizens believe that it is a natural thing to find girls attractive, others countered it, revealing that it is not something that is natural to a lot of girls.

Back in 19th of September 2023, Mandy Kiss had tackled Naira Marley following allegations that Naira Marley was involved in the death of Mohbad.

She reveals that she regrets tattooing Naira Marley’s face on her laps. She also went on to call him a mess of a man while showing her regrets.

Also back in April of 2023, Mandy had apologized to her fans who she misled with her worldly lifestyle. The influencer expressed that she was going to turn a new leaf and she encouraged young ladies to desist from making money the easy way. She revealed that she was never ashamed of her past as she used to be a sex worker.

However, she expressed that she had only done that because she was trying to make ends meet and there was nobody to support her. She however advised her fans and followers not to follow the same paths that she followed.


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