‘Leave My Favorite Food Alone’ – Actress Jemima Calls Out Those Who Dislike Beans

'Leave My Favorite Food Alone' - Actress Jemima Calls Out Those Who Dislike Beans

Actress Jemima has called out people who don’t like beans in a recent social media tweet.

Taking to the X platform, she begged them to please leave her favorite food alone.

“if you don’t like beans, it’s because they don’t know how to cook it well in your house. Leave my favorite rice food alone.”

She humorously begged people who don’t like beans to stop hating on it, while also hinting at the fact that beans was one of her best meals.

Back in October of 2023, Jemima had revealed that no child of hers would be called Junior. She has also  slammed people who named their children Junior, as she revealed that her child would bear a name that belongs to him, not another person’s name.

Also, back in April of 2023, Jemima  had celebrated her 27th birthday with lovely photos. Taking to her Instagram page, she shared the most adorable pictures of herself with the caption, “Chapter


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