Kizz Daniel throws a heavy insult at a troll who compared him to Wizkid

Kizz Daniel throws a heavy insult at a troll who compared him to Wizkid

In a recent social media uproar, Kizz Daniel unleashed a barrage of insults at a user who dared to compare him to Wizkid, dubbing the person an “Arindin.” This fiery exchange unfolded after Kizz Daniel playfully questioned who would foot the bill for certain ladies’ wigs and handbags, inspired by Odomodu Black’s perspective on transactional relationships. When a Twitter user, Jyreh, suggested Kizz Daniel take a back seat as Wizkid currently held the spotlight, Kizz Daniel didn’t hold back, cursing him out and affirming his freedom to support his idol. The term “Arindin” was thrown in for good measure.

On a musical note, Kizz Daniel surprised fans with two upbeat singles, causing a viral sensation. However, not all memories are harmonious, as a Twitter user recalled a Babcock University concert in November 2023 where Kizz Daniel allegedly demanded a J-Wagon for transportation, refusing to perform when denied. This incident left a lasting negative impression on the disappointed audience.

Yet, it’s not all controversy with Kizz Daniel. Rewind to December 2022, and he showcased a generous side by rewarding a fan with a whopping 1 Million Naira. This unexpected act of kindness revealed a different facet of Kizz Daniel, adding a touch of positivity to his public image.


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