If You Lack Money, Women Will Filter You Out” Remarks Reno Omokri

If You Lack Money, Women Will Filter You Out" Remarks Reno Omokri

In a recent address on the X-Platform, controversial media personality Reno Omokri offered advice to men regarding the importance of earning money through lawful means.

Omokri emphasized that a man’s financial standing significantly influences his attractiveness to women, suggesting that lacking financial stability can lead to being overlooked by many potential partners.

He further asserted that an adult male without financial resources not only poses challenges to himself but also becomes a burden to any partner he chooses to marry. Omokri warned that if such couples decide to have children, they risk exacerbating their financial struggles and creating additional problems.

To break this cycle of financial strain, Omokri urged men to prioritize earning money legally before starting a family. He stressed the importance of being financially self-sufficient before embarking on the responsibilities of parenthood.

In his own words, Omokri stated, “You need to be a money-making machine before you start being a baby-making machine. Don’t increase the world’s population if you can’t first improve your remuneration. It is disruptive to breed without having bread to feed those you breed!”


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