“If not for DonJazzy, Asake is a bigger artist than Rema” – Says Daniel Regha

“If not for DonJazzy, Asake is a bigger artist than Rema” – Says Daniel Regha

Daniel Regha, known for his straightforward and often controversial takes on celebrities, has once again stirred up discussion in the music world. His recent focus was on a comparison between two rising artists, Asake and Rema. In a tweet, Regha stated that Asake is a more significant artist than Rema. He attributed Rema’s higher visibility to the effective public relations (PR) strategies of his record label, headed by Don Jazzy, at Marvin’s Records.

Regha didn’t hold back in his assessment of their music either. He argued that Asake’s songs are more meaningful lyrically compared to Rema’s, which he claimed largely feature recycled lyrics. Despite these differences, Regha noted that both artists are still in the early stages of their careers. He concluded his message with “no shades,” indicating he wasn’t intending to demean either artist.

Regha’s outspoken nature is not new. He has been in the spotlight recently for critiquing various aspects of the entertainment industry. Notably, he criticized Ile Baye, the winner of the Big Brother Naija All Stars, for her fashion choice at Davido’s Martell party. The outfit, which was quite revealing, became a hot topic on social media. Regha expressed his disapproval, questioning the role model status of personalities emerging from the Big Brother Naija show.

Additionally, Regha recently took aim at MTN, a leading network provider in Nigeria. He chastised them for spending heavily on advertisements while, according to him, neglecting the quality of their network services. He highlighted the general issue of poor network connectivity in Nigeria, pointing out MTN as a prime example of a company focusing more on marketing than on improving service quality.


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