“I Was Tested, but I Trusted God” – Hype Man Do2dtun Reflects as He Turns 40

"I Was Tested, but I Trusted God" - Hype Man Do2dtun Reflects as He Turns 40

Popular on-air personality and hype and Do2dtun took to Instagram to celebrate his 40th birthday with some reflection, while posing in a stylish looking outfit.

Do2dtun celebrates his 40th birthday.

In his birthday post, Do2dtun wrote;

“40WithMoreEnergy +1 I was born with the resilience of Paul, the toughness of Moses, the heart of Joseph and the strength of David. I was tested but i trusted God.

I have earned my flowers and I have and still earning my flowers over & over again. Energy gAD, you dey try.

You’ve gone through the fire, through the water, and perhaps dragged through the mud too, but here you are standing taller than you, they or anyone could’ve imagined.

People get theirs flowers when they die, but I’m glad i am alive and well to get mine. I have paid my dues and still worth every bit of the accolades i get.

They say “40” is a milestone, Yes I believe, but in my life it shall be a major breakthrough. I will teach more men how to live and grow formidable…

As i step into my best years in life, I pray from the deepest part of my heart that God bless me with good health, abundant wealth, happiness, undiluted love, joy unspeakable, and total bliss.

Oladotun, you are loved by God and greatly appreciated by a few that see through me. I am okay with that. The best is yet to come. Happy birthday CHAMP!!!”

Most of the things Do2dtun wrote was based off reflection from his struggles, and how God has seen him through difficult times.

The popular on-air personality has definitely faced some difficult times, as he has been in an unending legal battle over the custody of his kids with his ex-wife. It was a messy affair that had cooled down a bit, but he brings it up once in a while.


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