“I want to have a child before i get married” – Reality Star Doyin

“I want to have a child before i get married” - Reality Star Doyin

Reality TV star Doyin has candidly shared her reservations about getting married during a live video with her fans and followers.

The 28-year-old responded to a fan’s question about marriage by expressing uncertainty, noting that she’s been stressing the men in her life out. Doyin admitted she hasn’t been excited about the idea of marriage, finding it stressful, especially as a naturally stressful person.

In the video, she disclosed her preference for a life partnership, expressing her willingness to raise a family without the formality of marriage. Doyin also revealed that she doesn’t know when or if she’ll get married and urged people to stop asking her about it.

Also Doyin expressed her contentment with the idea of giving birth to a child without being married, highlighting her focus on personal happiness rather than conforming to societal expectations.

Notably, recall we had previously reported some days back, Doyin in recent remarks had expressed her sentiments on financial bragging. She expressed that as a man or woman if you feel the need to constantly brag about your finances then you’re not that rich.

Also recall that some months back, she had shared her opinions on the idea of men splitting bills equally with women, emphasizing traditional provider roles. She expressed that men were supposed to be providers and it was distasteful for men to want to sit bills with women.


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