“I Have a Feminine Side, but I’m Not Gay” Says Charly Boy

"I Have a Feminine Side, but I'm Not Gay," Says Charly Boy

In a recent development, Nigeria singer Charly Boy in an interview with reality tv star Uriel Oputa has revealed that he has a feminine side to him.

The musical artist, who is famous for his dressing and also adorning himself with jewellery, expressed that while he does indulge in his femininity, he is not gay.

In the same interview he also spoke out about his dwindling attraction to women as he expressed that he has been married for over 45 years.

Now recall that Kemi Filani had reported a ade’s months back that tthe legendary singer in a episode on The Honest Bunch podcast, had disclosed how he used to have an intense love for women especially those who are well endowed as he lives derriere and boobs.

Unfortunately, he lamented on how things have changed and he isn’t into women anymore because his manhood can’t rise.

Also recall that back in 2023, Kemi Filani had reported that Charly Boy had raised several questions, pondering why the actor had another amputation and if he had become legless. He went on to question God over the actor’s predicament.

Sending a message to his gender, he advised them on the importance of taking care of themselves.


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