“How my boss tried discouraging my husband from dating me” – Comediene Helen Paul

“How my boss tried discouraging my husband from dating me” - Comediene Helen Paul

Nigerian comedienne and actress, Helen Paul has revealed how her former boss tried discouraging her husband, Femi Bamisele from dating her.

In an interview with Honest Bunch Podcast, she revealed that her former boss had questioned why her husband, who was then her boyfriend and a lawyer was interested in someone like her.

She said her boss tried discouraging her husband from dating her by belittling her. She added that her boss had told him to only have fun with her, but not walk down the aisle with her.

“My boss called my husband and said Femi is it that Helen you want to date? You are more than this but if you just want to enjoy yourself with her, it’s okay.

My HR looked at my husband and said “Look at how clean you are, a lawyer. Why the choice of Helen?”.

Taking to social media, many expressed disappointment at the boss as some revealed their plight.

One I Am Ini wrote, “Them plenty, the truth is karma is catching up with them one by one. Them get sisters o, born baby girls too. But God gave me double for their shame. Even your close friend too

One Aforlene wrote, “Enemies are not far from us

One Ogechukwu Rita wrote, “Exactly what my cousins did to me. God will judge them all

One Jane Ijeh wrote, “Just to spoil her, it takes the Grave of God for something like this to stand. God came through for her

One Nchofa K wrote, “The fact that you hate someone doesn’t mean they won’t succeed. God is not from your village. Bad belle people everywhere

One Tuga wrote, “Most men do this Sha. Allow people make their choice

One Nasa Lives wrote, “Big ups for her husband, he has a mind of his own and was very sure of what he wanted

One Blossom Isio wrote, “I think we need to clap for the man. He has always known what he wanted”.

Helen Paul married her husband in 2010 and they have two boys. According to her, she made the ‘first move’ on her husband back then because she thought he was a stingy person.

According to her, she had met her husband through her boss, who he was friends with and one day decided to confront him over his stingyness, and their love blossomed from there.

Weeks back, Helen Paul brought many to tears when she narrated her life story and shared a video on her Instagram page where she spoke about feeling rejected and making rejection a power force.

Helen Paul revealed that she was stigmatized because her mother birthed her as a result of rape, disclosing how her aunties severally reminded her that she has bad blood and that none of her grandmother’s stipends should be spent on her.

Tatafo narrated how she was christened Helen and how an unknown man gave his name to her because her relatives believed she was a stain to their family.


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