“How do we heal from this” – Mercy Johnson wails over the loss of Junior Pope

“How do we heal from this” – Mercy Johnson wails over the loss of Junior Pope

Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson took to social media to ponder over the loss of her colleague Junior Pope. The actress was clearly distraught, as she penned down a message concerning Junior Pope’s death.

Mercy Johnson spoke about how she had no words to express herself, and the possibility of moving forward from the dark times Nollywood is currently faced with.

Mercy Johnson mourns Junior Pope.

Nollywood and Nigerians alike have been in a rollercoaster of emotions due to Junior Pope’s death. This is because at first, he was confirmed dead, and after a while, sources and videos shown proved that he was alive and battling for his life. However, the actor later passed on after a while.

There has been great mourning since then, with lots of people sending out condolence messages to his family and the other crew members that lost their lives.

A lot of people have reflected on the last post Junior Pope made on his Instagram page, where he was clearly distressed about the way the driver was handling the post. He even cautioned him, while making a joke that he’s the only child of his mother, and he has three kids.

Actors like Mercy Johnson have worked with Junior Pope in the past in a lot of movies. The late actor had a good acting range, and that is why he was cast in so many movies.

In the early 2000’s, Junior Pope dominated the movie scene with roles that pertained to gangsters. He played a lot of University student roles that gradually became a trademark role for him.

The fashion sense that Junior Pope possessed in these movies also made him standout. He was quick to adapt the black Western culture of tying a bandana around his head, and wearing baggy clothes.

Later in life, Junior Pope started starring in movies, where he played a love interest. This was a big switch from his former roles, but he did it well. His acting portfolio remains as one of the most impressive of his time, and he will be remembered well.


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