“He forgot his filter?” Netizens react to viral video of Kcee getting his hair done

“He forgot his filter?” Netizens react to viral video of Kcee getting his hair done

A recent video featuring Kcee, the renowned ‘Limpopo’ hitmaker, has gone viral, not for his music but for his unfiltered appearance. The video, capturing Kcee styling his hair, showcased his natural skin, revealing acne, hyperpigmentation, and spots. This revelation has stirred a significant reaction among netizens, primarily because Kcee is often seen with a flawless complexion in edited social media posts.

The contrast between Kcee’s unfiltered look and his usual polished appearance on social media led to a flurry of comments. Some netizens remarked that he looks older than his age, while others went as far as accusing him of bleaching his skin. The disparity in his real and online images has become a hot topic, igniting a debate over the authenticity of social media representations.

However, amidst the criticism, there were voices that defended Kcee, pointing out that the public has grown so accustomed to edited images that the reality of natural skin has become unrecognizable.

As of now, Kcee has not publicly responded or reacted to these comments and observations about his appearance in the video.

Recall that a few weeks ago, Kcee was embroiled in a dispute with Igwe Credo over the song “Oja Piano.” Igwe Credo had accused Kcee of not compensating him adequately after using his sound in the song, which gained international recognition.

Credo’s grievances stemmed from what he perceived as inadequate financial recognition for his contribution. He revealed that Kcee’s team had only provided lodging and a total payment of 500,000 Naira, which he considered insufficient given the song’s success. Credo also highlighted the additional expenses he and his team incurred, like meals and transportation, that were not covered by Kcee.


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