Financial Stability is Key to Sustaining a Relationship – Shallipopi Advises Men

Financial Stability is Key to Sustaining a Relationship - Shallipopi Advises Men

Afrobeat fast rising Artist Shallipopi has recently dished out some advice to men. He expressed that it’s impossible to sustain a woman when there is no funds.

He advised Nigerian men to work hard first, focus on the price, focus on making money, then women should come last.

His logic is that once you make money, women will naturally come to you. He revealed that trying to chase a woman when you don’t have money will only be counterproductive.

However, some Nigerian males did not take this well. They lamented about the fact that they had to work hard just to impress a woman.

Now also recall that back in December of 2023, Shallipopi had complimented a woman who had immediately shared it on social media.

The woman had shared a video of Shallipopi coming out of his performance. He had stopped at her end and had immediately complimented her for looking beautiful. However, the woman in question was with her husband. She had also shared a video of herself and her husband laughing humorously to the statement, suggesting that they did not see any problem in it.

Also, a few months back, Shallipopi has revealed that he is always very confused when people approach him and tell him that his song heals them. He questioned the emotional part of his music as he disclosed that he does not believe that any of his songs have such deep lyrics that they would move people emotionally.


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