”Enioluwa is no longer posting Hilda Bacci since she lost her GWR” – Daniel Regha

”Enioluwa is no longer posting Hilda Bacci since she lost her GWR” Daniel Regha

Daniel Regha, has expressed his opinion on the friendship ties between Enioluwa and Hilda Bacci.

Regha’s critique focuses on the evolving relationship between Enyoluwa and Hilda Bacci. He observed how the dynamics shifted when Bacci, once a Guinness World Record holder, lost her title.

He expressed that he had noticed that Enioluwa who used to post Hilda when she was still a Guinness word record holder had suddenly stopped following the announcement that there is a new record holder.

“Notice how Enioluwa has barely posted Hilda since she lost the

GWR title; During & after the cookatoon he was hyping her nonstop (when she was in the spotlight), but all of sudden there’s no more “friendship goals” on social media. Lolz.

Friends indeed.”

Some days ago, Regha had also commented on the irony in how people handle ending relationships. He questioned the rationale behind calling someone just to announce the end of communication. This behavior, in his view, is not only illogical but might also hint at deeper psychological complexities.

Kemi Filaninaud also reported that, Regha had compared Asake and Rema. He suggested that Asake’s success surpassed Rema’s and posited that Don Jazzy’s influence played a significant role in Rema’s career.


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