“Don’t ever post my child” Sophia Momodu issues stern warning to Tunde Ednut

“Don’t ever post my child” Sophia Momodu issues stern warning to Tunde Ednut

Sophia Momodu, a fashion connoisseur and the first baby mama of singer, Davido has issued a stern warning to blogger, Tunde Ednut.

The former singer-turned-blogger had shared a throwback video of Davido and Sophia Momodu’s daughter, Imade, and Tiwa S@vage’s son, Jamil Balogun arguing. In the clip, Imade and Jamil were arguing over their relationship during a car ride after Jamil called her his sister, a statement that didn’t sit well with Imade.

After several back-and-forths and threats from Jamil to stop her from accompanying him to the beach, Imade gave in and cutely apologized to her best friend.

Just like many others, Tunde Ednut, who is now a blogger, had posted the adorable clip on his Instagram page as he gushed over them.

Surprisingly, Sophia took to his comment section to issue him a warning, telling him to stop posting her child.

“Don’t post my child”, she wrote.

Sophia Momodu warns Tunde Ednut

Surprisingly, many concurred with her, while others tackled her noting how Imade is also Davido’s child.

One Mimi Ozigis wrote, “Pained ex

One That Nicesola wrote, “I think it’s unnecessary. When u talk too much, u lose value

One Miss Kokopee wrote, “Tunde no like Sophia and e no hide am. I support Sophie for this one abeg

One Eniolami wrote, “Tunde has always been a chameleon, everyone knows that

One Raybekah wrote, “She’s so real. Tunde Ednut’s character passes Chameleon’s own

One Bws25 Bee06 wrote, “Sophia is right

One Star Power wrote, “Bitter baby mama. No wonder no saje man finds her attractive. Nine years later cannot find happiness and joy. Always bitter and fighting imaginary people

One B Darlene wrote, “She should have masked her baby up. Pepper body

One Youngest Dealer wrote, “Baby mama always get issue

One Rugged 4 Jesus wrote, “Why? Small pikin’ mentality

One Eyebreak D Rules wrote, “Take her off the gran. It’s not only Imade in the video Madam

One Tontolo Fabrics wrote, “Her child, her business. You might be the dad’s friend but she doesn’t want hypocrisy

One Elango Julie wrote, “She said what she said. It’s her child and she has the right to say that

One No1 Sweetest Peach wrote, “I don’t blame her. You don’t like Sophie why post her child?”.

This isn’t the first time, Sophia Momodu has been publicly protective of Imade.

Last year, Sophia had thrown a subtle shade at an unknown person for constantly celebrating her daughter.

Sophia Momodu took to her Snapchat page to express her dissatisfaction with seeing her daughter has been celebrated by someone who harbors ill feelings towards them.

Recently, the niece of Dele Momodu issued a stern warning to her followers during an Instagram live video, urging them to stop asking her about her baby daddy, Davido. She made it clear that, in her view, the matter she had with Davido is in the past and should no longer be a topic of discussion.

The two had fallen out after Davido publicly declared love for his now wife, Chioma Rowland, and reunited with her. This left Sophia infuriated and she shared a post about a cat not taking rubbish from a dog.

She later went on an extensive rant hinting that all wasn’t well between her and Davido as co-parents.

The niece of Dele Momodu had spoken out on the financial abuse of women, as she stated that financially bullying a woman into staying with you has got to be the most disgusting thing a man can do.

She questioned why a man would make a woman take on his responsibilities because she chooses to move on.

In a surprising turn of events, the fashion connoisseur revealed her plans to drop the Adeleke name from her daughter.

Sophia Momodu claimed she is both the father and mother to their daughter, Imade.

In another post, Sophia gave a hint about their beef during a Question and answer session with her fans.


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