“Delete this post, you resemble Eba” fans mock Tacha’s recent unedited photos

"Delete this post, you resemble Eba," fans mock Tacha's recent unedited photos

Reality tv star and media personality, Tacha, is currently facing criticism following her latest social media activity which involves unedited photos.

She posted a picture on Instagram, donning a two-piece outfit that exposed a significant amount of her legs and thighs. Paired with pink heels, the ensemble drew attention from her followers and the online community.

The post sparked varied reactions. Some of her followers and internet users felt that the outfit was too revealing and did not suit her celebrity status. Comments ranged from critiques about the quality of her clothing, labeling it as unsuitable for someone of her fame, to observations about the visible cellulite on her thighs, which some deemed inappropriate for display.

A particular fan named Stanley voiced concern over the potential impact of the photo on Tacha’s career. He advised her to delete the picture, suggesting it was unbecoming of her professional and public image. “stanley.agho – Delete dis picture before it ruins your career.I never taught dis was you.”

Another fan, Oba, commented on the lack of photo editing, questioning why she didn’t maintain her usual standard of presentation. “

“oba_823 – Omo why didn’t you edit as usual?Eft This one na Eba o”

Vicky Official, another fan, expressed mixed feelings. While showing affection for Tacha, she advised her to elevate her fashion choices, pointing out the need for more sophisticated attire befitting a celebrity.

This incident comes shortly after another social media controversy involving Tacha. She had shared a video on Twitter of a fan hugging her in a backless outfit. The male fan, who appeared in the video touching her bare back, later criticized Tacha for posting the video with an insinuation he found misleading.

He claimed the hug was innocent and requested a public apology, stating he faced backlash due to the video’s portrayal. The fan also noted that it was Tacha who had asked for the picture, and there had been no indication of discomfort from her side during the interaction.


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