“Davido Allegedly Slapped Wizkid Backstage in Dubai” – Podcast Host Reveals (Video)

"Davido Allegedly Slapped Wizkid Backstage in Dubai" – Podcast Host Reveals (Video)

The Davido and Wizkid saga has opened several pandora’s boxes, with information and allegations that would’ve never seen the light of the day if this issue didn’t happen.

A podcast host from The Breakfast club just revealed that Davido slapped Wizkid backstage at a show in Dubai, in 2017.

One of the hosts went on to say that he doesn’t understand why African artists constantly need each other, since they’re the ones that make good music.

This information has never hit the Nigerian media, yet it has reached overseas, since The Breakfast Club isn’t hosted by Nigerians.

The only case of physical altercation with Davido’s name in it was a few a years back in Ghana. He had gotten into an in-person scuffle with Burnaboy, after shading each other online for months.

Wizkid was present at the scene, but he didn’t interfere in whatever was going on. He sat high up in his chair, while drinking from a bottle.

While Wizkid is known for throwing shade every once in a while on social media, the singer hasn’t been heard to her physical with anyone.

However, during his recent beef with Davido, the singer accused him of domestic abuse, insinuating that he beats up his two-time baby mama Jada.

Shortly after making that tweet, Davido deleted the tweet, but it was too late because it had already hit the media.

One takeaway from The Breakfast Club podcast is the date which they alleged that Davido slapped Wizkid. According to them, it was in 2017, and as far back as that, both singers were beefing each other.

Davido and Wizkid have constantly been pitted against each other, while the quality of their works are being compared.

Every once in a while, tensions get high, and they succumb and drag each other online.

There have been a few moments of lucidity in the chaos that is their constant fighting. Promises of collaborations fly from left to right, with nothing coming to fruition.


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