Bobrisky Shares Crucial Life Advice for Peers Considering Breast Surgery

Bobrisky Shares Crucial Life Advice for Peers Considering Breast Surgery

Popular personality Bob Risky recently shared valuable advice for those considering breast surgery or breast augmentation.

The outspoken figure highlighted a truth often overlooked – the pain associated with the procedure. Through an Instagram story, Bob Risky candidly emphasized the significant discomfort involved in getting one’s breasts done, urging prospective individuals to be prepared for the pain.

Bob Risky’s openness about cosmetic procedures isn’t new. In recent times, he publicly announced his intention to undergo surgery, particularly focusing on breast enhancement. Years ago, he disclosed having undergone surgical enhancements to achieve the desired look. In November 2023, he declared his plans for a second surgery, aspiring to become the most beautiful woman in Nigeria.

Notably, Bob Risky differentiates his approach from other crossdressers or transgender individuals, asserting that his financial resources set him apart and ensure a complication-free lifestyle.

This commitment to a flawless transformation was reiterated in a video from August 9th, where Bob Risky showcased his newly acquired backside after the surgery. He shared the details of the procedure, explaining the extraction of fat from his arms to enhance his buttocks, all while expressing delight at his transformed appearance.


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