“Being wise or educated doesn’t guarantee success in marriage” says Harry Song

"Being wise or educated doesn't guarantee success in marriage," says Harry Song

In the latest twist to the Israel-DMW and Sheila Courage marital saga, renowned artist and media personality Harry Song has shared his thoughts on the complexities of marriage. Taking to Instagram, Song spoke on the fact that marriage was bigger conventional wisdom, education, wealth, or righteousness.

He argues that qualities like humility, selflessness, tolerance, patience, and a spirit of service are vital for a successful marriage.

Harry Song’s comments come amid the split between Israel-DMW and Sheila Courage. Israel recently made headlines by claiming Sheila used him for fame without any real intent to marry. Sheila countered these allegations with her own harrowing account, detailing physical and emotional abuse from Israel. She recounted disrespect towards her parents, including direct insults, and highlighted that her decision to leave was a culmination of various incidents since their marriage began.

The situation took another turn when a TikTok user advised Israel not to lose Sheila, emphasizing the importance and insightfulness of her demands. This perspective adds another layer to the public discourse surrounding their split.

Harry Song’s intervention in this matter reflects a broader commentary on modern relationships, especially in the age of social media and public scrutiny. His emphasis on humility and service in marriage resonates in the context of the high-profile breakup of Israel-DMW and Sheila Courage. This story, evolving with each new revelation and opinion, has captured the attention of the entertainment world, sparking conversations about the nature of marriage and the challenges faced by couples in the limelight.


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