“Awa piano” Seyi Vibes say as he declares new name for Amapiano

“Awa piano” Seyi Vibes say as he declares new name for Amapiano

Afrobeat artist Seyi Vibes has recently reacted to the football tournament between Nigeria and South Africa, where Nigeria imaged victorious.

He revealed that, going forward, Amapiano should now be declared as Awapiano. Note that Amapiano is the genre of music which is naturally attributed to South Africa. However, in recent months, Nigerians have started to dabble in Amapiano songs and have even started to gain recognition with it.

In his words, he says,

“Nigerians now officially own Amapiano and the new name for the genre is now Awapiano.”

Now, back in December, Seyi Vibes was spotted with a very beautiful woman who people speculated that he was in a relationship with. Reacting to this, netizens on Twitter revealed that most women do not have specs. As they commented on his physical looks, they revealed that if he did not have money, a lot of women would not be attracted to him.

Also, recall that back in September of 2023, Seyi Vibes had emerged as the best street hop artist at the 16th Hedis Award, seeking this coveted prize amongst other stellar Nigerian artists.


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