Actress Wumi Toriola speaks on her heartbreak in 2023

Actress Wumi Toriola speaks on her heartbreak in 2023

As we count down to the New Year, Wumi Toriola, a Nollywood actress and movie producer, is reflecting on her heartbreak.

The single mother of one revealed that the only heartbreak she suffered this year was from hair vendors. She noted how what they post online is different from what they are selling.

Describing it as sickening, she called for a reform and a female version of controversial socialite and activist, A Very Dark Man to call out hair vendors.

She urged anyone facing a similar experience to open up to her, so they could start a movement.

“The only heartbreak I got this year is from hair vendors. What a lot post is not what they sell. It’s sickening.

It’s like we need a reform, we need a Very Dark White Woman for the hair vendors. If you have experienced this heartbreak from them, hit me in the comment section. We may need to start a movement”.

Wumi Toriola speaks on getting heartbroken by hair vendors

This year has been a tough year for Wumi as she announced her separation from her husband and the father of her son.

The actress while reflecting on 2022, revealed she walked away from a domestic violent and abusive relationship for her sanity’s sake.

Her ex-husband on his part, had something contrary to say, as he claimed that their marriage was filled with violence, deceit, and betrayal on Wumi Toriola’s part. Describing his marriage as a total regret, he further alleged that Wumi physically assaulted his mother.

Addressing his allegations, Wumi Toriola in a lengthy post on her Instagram page debunked the report, stating that she has never been physical with her mother-in-law or her mother and she had witnesses to back her up.

In an interview with her colleague, Wumi further revealed that she is open to being a second wife.

According to her, being a single mother of one has left her no choice but to accept whatever comes her way as she considers herself after one now. She further disclosed that she is open to marrying a widower, or someone like her, who has previously been married with kids.

Speaking on her growth, Wumi stated that she tries to stay off negativity, as she sent a message to her colleagues, fans, and followers to either grow with her or avoid her.

She also celebrated herself as a woman of strength and resilience, telling her fans that behind her smiles lies a world of strength and resilience.

In recent news, Toriola had lamented after refunding 3 million to her business partners for a failed contract.

The Yoruba star stated that she had to refund 3 million this month cause she is slightly indisposed. She added that January, February, and March are still there but she holding on to the popular phrase that “Health is Wealth”.

Wumi also admitted that she was in pain as she told those looking up to her to seek help elsewhere.


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