“2024 is already my best year yet” DJ Cuppy announces

“2024 is already my best year yet” DJ Cuppy announces

Florence Otedola, popularly known by her stage name DJ Cuppy, has taken to X platform to reveal how 2024 has been going for her so far.

Sharing a recent gorgeous image of herself on X platform she remarked on the fact that it’s only been a quarter of the year, 2024 has been her best year yet.

“It’s only been a quarter of the year and 2024 is already my best year yet!”

The music sensation has also recently got a lot of tongues wagging after she debuted a new look on her social media page.

Netizens could not help but comment about the fact that she had lost considerable weight. She also looked more elegant and well put together.

Now, let’s recall that in the beginning of the year, DJ Cuppy had announced her six major plans for 2024.

She had expressed that she wanted to be her softest, healthiest, prettiest, and most successful version. And it seems like true to her words, 2024 is turning out to be her best year yet.

She had also shared in the beginning of the year that she was also going to take gym seriously.

She went on to express that she would give the gym as much as she had given her ex, which netizens speculate is none other than her ex fiancé, Ryan Taylor.


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